School Forms

The following forms are available in .pdf format. In order to print PDF forms you cannot use the browser "file print" command. You must use the print function from the PDF software.

Acceptable Computer and Network Use

Additional Credit Request

Athletic and Activities Contract (required for all athletes)

Athletic Physical (required once in junior high and all freshman and juniors)

Authorization for Disclosure of Education Record and Release via Email

Authorization for Disclosure of Education Record and Release 2017

Authorization for Administration of Medication at School

Elementary Technology Acceptable Use Agreement

Elementary Student Handbook

Facility Use Agreement and Waiver

Facility Use Application

Genesee High School 2017 Fall Semester Class Schedule

Genesee High School 2018 Spring Semester Class Schedule 

Grant Packet 2017

Harassment Reporting Form

Interim Questionnaire (required for all athletes)

JR/SR High Field Trip Form

JR/SR High High School Pre-arranged Absence Form

JR/SR High School Student Handbook 2017-2018

Military recruitment permission form 2017

Open Enrollment Form 2017

Pay-to-participate form (2017-2018 required for all athletes)

Registration and Emergency Information Form

Secondary Class Field Trip Form

SecondaryTechnology AUP 2017

Transcript Request Form

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