Genesee School District Online Newsletter

Beginning in April 2009, the newsletter will no longer be mailed to school district patrons. In a cost-saving measure, the newsletter will only be available in an online version on the District web site.

The District has been mailing over 700 copies of the newsletter throughout the school district boundaries. While we feel that the information contained in the newsletter is important, the requirement to reduce spending to meet the current financial realities has caused the Board and administration to re-evaluate all expenditures within the District.

Changing to an online version of the newsletter will save the cost of paper, copying and mailing while still providing parents and patrons with the important news, calendar and menu items. The District will continue to look for cost savings in every program and asks for your support. If you would like to sign up to receive the newsletter link via email each month that it is posted, please send an email with your request to

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