Sports News and Information

Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year! Sports schedules have been updated with the most recent changes.

Baseball and Softball games have been canceled today due to rain.


Genesee SB with Kendrick has been rescheduled for April 29th 1pm/3pm


Schedules have been updated.


You can follow sports updates from Mr. Caldwell on twitter under the handle @Caldwellk83832.


Please go to to find brackets and league standings.

webpage updated 4/25/17 1:00pm

All sports and school forms can be found on the school home page under the school forms link.

The Whitepine League has a website! is the web address for all of your league schedule and results.

The Idaho High School Activities Association website is: IHSAA Website

Pay to Participate fees for 2016-17. Varsity sports are $50 and JH are $25.

Current Sports Schedules

WPL JH Basketball Schedule 2017

Genesee Baseball 2017

Genesee Softball 2017

2017 Genesee Track

Genesee Basketball 16-17

Genesee Fall Sports 2016.pdf

Genesee FB 2016.pdf

Genesee Volleyball 2016.pdf


Other Sports Links

    · Genesee Concussion Management Plan
    · Whitepine League Website
    · National Federation Athletic Education Courses

NFHS Cardiac Arrest Course

Idaho Concussion Course
    · Genesee Sport Schedule through


13-1 Students are required to undergo a physical examination and have it, along with an Interim Questionnaire, on file with the school prior to their first practice in any IHSAA sponsored sport, cheerleading, or dance activity. The Idaho Health Examination & Consent Form and Interim Questionnaire are available online at

13-2 Physical exams must be taken and on file with the school prior to the first day of practice in the 9th and 11th grades. Any physical taken before May 1 of the 8th grade year will not be accepted.

13-3 Physicals are required in the 9th and 11th grade year. Students who have a physical in their 10th grade year must have another for the 11th grade. Students will not be required to take an additional physical examination during the 10th and 12th grades unless: 1. The physician recommends the student have an additional examination. 2. The parents request an examination in the Interim Questionnaire. 3. Affirmative answers on 1-9 of the Interim Questionnaire indicate a possible need for a repeat physical examination. 4. A student has transferred to Idaho from another state.

13-4 Physical exams must be conducted by a licensed physician, physician’s assistant or nurse practitioner. 13-5 The Interim Questionnaire consent form is to be completed by the student’s parents. One copy shall filed with the school principal, and a copy may be retained by the parents.

13-5-1 It is the principal’s responsibility to consult with the physician regarding any answers to questions on the Interim Questionnaire that may indicate a possible need for a repeat physical examination.